Select Performances of Creative Music

This list is a representative sample of the variety of club gigs, concerts, free-improv radio shows, dance concerts, live improvised movie score gigs and spoken word/sound environment recordings.

KGNU: Dramatic reading/vocal improvisation on the Song of Solomon with the Arkestra Pirata, live broadcast Dec. 02.

Hand Foot Ensemble: Space for Dance, Boulder, Dec. 98 featuring compositions by Rick Cummings, commissioned & choreographed by Tracy Jacobs. Performed by Rick Cummings, guitar; Leslie Stevens, piano; James Hoskins, cello; Greg LaLiberte, winds.

Jump Start Productions: vocal and french horn on recorded dance scores by Rick Cummings commissioned by choreopgrapher Maureen Breeze: Time, Cleo Parker Robinson Theater, Denver, June 99; Time & Space, Cleo Parker Robinson Theater, Denver, Jan. 01.

Chautauqua Film Series & Boulder Outdor Cinema: Boulder summer film festivals with Arkestra Pirata, multiple shows over several years.

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art: headlining artist/composer, music for voice, improvsing strings and guitar Nov. 97; Deaf Culture recorded sound installation in the art gallery, spoken word with Rick Cummings & Farrell Lowe guitars & electronics. Fall 97?. Also The Tawdry Lambs, house band for Playback Theater improvisational theater troupe, on keyboards, with Rick Cummings & Farrell Lowe on guitars & electronics, Ernie Crews, drums. Fall 97?.

KGNU: duets with Rick Cummings, guitarist, live broadcast Nov. 96.

Composition-in-the Moment: free improv duets for piano, viola, guitar, 2 saxes/winds/percussion), West End Tavern, Boulder, Nov. 96.

Happy Lizard: Rick Cumings' electric serial/middle eastern/avant garde jazz quartet (guitar, keys, bass, drums, vocals, electronics; sometimes additional horns): BMoCA Aug. 96; Vartan's, Denver, April 95; The Bug Theater, Denver, Nov. 95; The Bug Theater, Denver, Nov. 95; West End, Boulder, Nov. 95, June 96.

Entre Nous: free improv with 3 guitarists, vocals/keys/french horn, West End Tavern, Boulder, Feb. 96, April 97.

Index Ensemble: graphic artist Rick Griffith's free improv octet with turntables & multimedia, Vartan's Jazz Club, Denver, April 95.

Arkestra Pirata: scored & free improv modern music large ensemble, 6-12+ multi-instrumentalists/vocalists/composers/poets; Boulder Public Library, April 97; KGNU Broadcast, Boulder, March 97; Acoma City Center, Denver Museum of Art Film Series, Oct. 96, March 97; BMoCA, Boulder, Outdoor Film Series, Aug. 96; The Bug Theater Film Series, Denver, June 96, Nov. 95; Littleton Town Hall, Jan. 94; West End Tavern, Boulder, Feb. 94, May 94; Naropa Institute Beat Poetry Conference, including Anne Tardos' multimedia work for speaker/singer and instrumentalists, Cat Licked the Garlic, July 94, Old Main at CU, Boulder.

Classical Vocal Lecture-Recital: French & Spanish Songs 1900-1925, Sun Valley, ID, with pianist Leana Leech, featuring Granados, Obradors, Salvatge, Poulenc, Ravel and Satie. Jan 93.