Personal Coaching

Professional Background:

Leslie has been a practicing herbalist, health educator, psychic and energy healer since the mid 80s. She has studied comparative religion, spirituality and psychology since the early 70s, including Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, esoteric Christianity, Sufism, Native American spirituality, archetypal and transpersonal psychology, prosperity teachings, metaphysics, yoga and consciousness research. She was a researcher, writer and technical advisor for the internationally known Herb Research Foundation in Boulder, Colorado for 5 years; a natural products consultant since 1995 privately and commercially; and an herbalist, educator and marketing writer for Zand Herbal Products. Leslie has provided creativity coaching since 1992, including but not limited to The Artist's Way method.


Psychic Work

Leslie's readings provide information on how your physical, emotional, spiritual, creative, financial and relationship energies interact--what modalities may be appropriate to further your personal work. She conducts clearings/healings for homes or offices, pinpointing causes for physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship and business disturbances while providing simple maintenance solutions for the lay client.

Energy Healing

Leslie does energy healing grounded in Reiki, an ancient system of hands-on healing received while fully clothed for physical, emotional and spiritual issues as well as clearing. U like other energy work, Reiki assures the healer's energies and issues are not passed on to the client, only pure universal healing energy. Other techniques may be employed in conjunction with Reiki from additional chakra, aura, chi kung and pranic healing systems. She also does distance healing using Reiki, shamanic and Western metaphysical systems.

Whole Living

These simple life-enhancing skills can quickly improve your quality of life. They include visualizations and energy exercises for balancing mind, body and spirit; stress reduction; meditation and mindfulness practices; sound therapy; discovering, reclaiming or boosting creativity; prosperity practices; spiritual education; freeing the breath and voice for healing or public presentations.

Health Coaching

Leslie can skillfully answer your questions about herbs, diet and nutrition, tailored for your constitution from her in-depth knowledge of global herbal, nutritional and food therapy fields.

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